New ways to enjoy subsidised solar panels with battery storage

Posted by on Oct 4, 2017 in Battery storage, Government subsidies, history of solar pv
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EDF Energy to give away free solar panels

EDF Energy is making news right now as they are planning on creating one of the biggest giveaways of its kind, teaming up with the UK’s largest solar power company. The goal is to create a large retail entity of retail solar power by decade’s end.

Sunplug and EDF Energy are teaming together to help British consumers get a better handle on efficient electricity, with the help of solar paneling that will be placed on the roofs of their homes and offices. Sunplug has been garnering a great deal of attention lately, and with this team, the purpose of going solar will now be easier than ever, as it’s going to be absolutely free to consumers. There will be no upfront costs, and the system will be installed by professionals.

The Rise of Solar

The goal of the project has been spearheaded by former Goldman Sachs banker James Brooks. The aim is to get at least one million homes fully solar by 2020. The venture is starting to take off, and many individuals are curious as to how this can work, and will work. The venture is going forward with EDF Energy, and consumers are interacting with utilities with the power of the sun being harnessed for them.

The system known as Sunplug is the major element that is going to work through for consumers. The consumer will not have to pay for the installation of the panels, but there is a fixed price that comes with the energy involved.

Understanding The Process

When a consumer goes forward with the renewable energy option, the system will be installed and power will be yielded to a home or office through paneling and battery systems. The solar paneling will charge the power grid, and when needed that grid will deliver energy to the office or home. There won’t be a cost for maintaining the panels, and since the grid will be less crowded and used, surplus may be able to return unused power to the grid, therefore saving consumers money in the long term.

The price points will be a lot less because it is modeled after mobile phone contracts that you’re used to right now. Think about how phone contracts work. You’ll pay for a phone itself, then pay for the service that comes with it. That’s it. Sunplug is going to do the same, only this time around the individual will receive a free setup and installation of solar panels, which diminishes the bigger cost barrier that many would have in the past.

Not Just For The Wealthy

In interviews, James Brooks discussed his reasoning behind the use of the Sunplug system, and why he has teamed up with EDF Energy to give away panels. The goal is to spread solar power system across several grids for those that may not typically be able to afford the option. In the past, if you wanted to get solar paneling and electrical elements in place, you would have to be wealthy, and that’s no longer the case. Now individuals of all economic backgrounds can get their paneling in place, and get lower energy bills without having to pay a great deal.

Households right now that use power of this type can save big on their electric bill. Especially when the power that can be generated and stored is quite big, even during times when the sun may not be directly hitting the panels. So long as there’s light, there’s power that can be generated, although the sunniest of days will be the ones that produce the most power. Sunplug has gone on record to say that storing energy can work great with double efficiency panels, and that’s what is getting installed right now.

The Total Package

The package that is being offered to consumers is a simple one. It has rooftop solar panels, installation, and a 3.3 KW battery pack. This pack saves energy, and exports it to those in need, when the solar panel is not using the energy transfer for other elements. There will be a system that consumers will have access to online, and through their smartphones to control power solutions, and divert energy when needed. Due to envisioned demand, the offering is being rolled out direct through Sunplug, and a host of other solar installation partners.

Suffice to say that consumer solar paneling and energy is taking a whole new route, and this is definitely something that most people aren’t going to want to miss. The cost is zero up front, which is the big deal here, so definitely worth exploring on a deeper level. Free solar paneling and lower electrical bills, that’s a good option to pursue.