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Posted by on Oct 4, 2017 in history of solar pv
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Fossil Fuels May Be Gone After A Cheap Battery Is Made

Many people are looking ahead to what the future may hold. Amidst the debate, people are starting to find out that there’s something grand coming in the form of technology, and fuel. You see, Europe’s biggest solar power company is striking out to end the dependency on oil that everyone has. In fact, they are starting to transform solar into a powerful alternative to oil, that Big Oil will not like.

Right now, there’s a great deal of research going into renewable energy sources. The research is highlighting a lot of elements that are starting to show that fossil fuels are on their way out. In fact, alternative power such as solar energy, could very well stamp out the dependency that people have on fossil fuels once and for all. This is starting to be the case around the world, not just in one or two countries.

Publishing The Results

The Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment recently published a study that showed that battery storage and renewable energy resources could very well increase the greater good of electricity. It could drive the price down, and raise the consumption levels, all while reducing the overall carbon footprint that individuals have. The cost of batteries right now is inexpensive, and if you mix renewable energies with it, you may find that there is a bigger thing to consider as well.

Fossil fuels are what people use today, but the base load of power is different when compared to cheaper battery and renewable energy solutions. If the sun doesn’t shine, or the wind doesn’t blow, then what? Well, that’s where a cheap battery solution comes into play, because it can act as a storage unit for when these natural elements do not come through, and even then, there still is light during the day so limited resources could still very well come through. The study surmises that a decline in renewable energy prices and battery costs will spell the end for a reliance on Big Oil soon enough.

The Changeover

The chairman of Lightsource, one of the big solar companies in Europe, you’ll find that there is an impact to come within the next few years. Vicente Lopez-Ibor, chairman, has gone on record to discuss that the company has been able to produce a serious amount of energy for homes. So much energy that over 300,000 homes have been powered thanks to the innovations and overall push forward that the company has been able to produce within a few years.

The company did so well in the UK that they were able to launch a Spanish branch directly in Spain. Ampere Energy is a transformative solution that has been taking on the option to bring power to the Spanish areas that need it most, without reliance on fossil fuels at all. Solar storage is cheaper, easier to work with, and lower cost than many natural gas solutions in Spain and around Europe, according to Lightsource. They are revolutionizing the way people use solar, and are going “green” without sacrificing quality.

Australia Changes

It’s not just Spain and the UK that is seeing a transformation. It’s Australia too. Australia has seen a big push for electrical that used solar paneling to light many businesses and homes. Just in Perth alone, a great deal of energy is being consumed through the use of solar energy. The ratio at this point is somewhere around 23% of homes in Perth have solar panels that are helping support the electricity to homes throughout the cities. The largest power station in the area is that of a solar power one, and that’s something to consider as a big change that’s looming across the world.

There Needs To Be A Battery Change

Now, solar paneling is great, but there needs to be a power solution that attaches to the battery systems in homes in case weather changes. One breakthrough in battery power could very well change everything. Right now, there’s technology that has three times more power than any other battery on the market, and can cost less overall. That’s according to John Goodenough who is a professor at the University of Texas in Austin.

Cities Need To Adapt

While there is a need for change, cities need to adopt fast. In order to kill the need for Big Oil, large cities have to go with grids that are powered by solar and use a new battery storage technology. Only then will things start to change, and while it’s not quite there yet, there are companies that are pushing hard in this regard, and winning big.